Antares rocket explosion from the launch pad

Antares rocket explosion from the launch pad Comment

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Added: 27.11.2014
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On October 28, 2014 an Orbital Sciences Antares rocket launched to the ISS on the company's fourth contracted resupply mission for NASA. Just a few seconds after liftoff there was a failure in a first stage booster AJ26 engine, causing the rocket to lose thrust and become engulfed in flames as it fell back to the ground. As you will see, upon hitting the ground the rocket exploded in a huge fireball, showing the launch site with debris.


This video is a compilation of 4 cameras that were on the launch pad to capture the launch. The video runs through each at full speed before slowing down to give you a slow motion of the explosion. One of the cameras was right in the middle of the fireball, with chunks of broken rocket showering down around it.

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Mike Barrett /

Peter Greenwood / Zero-G News

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Elliot Severn / Zero-G News

Matthew Travis / Zero-G News

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